"Hello. I’m Warren Lamperd
and I can make you a better rider.
That’s all you need to know isn’t it?”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a day one beginner or a seasoned international rider…

…it doesn’t matter if your passion is dressage, showjumping or eventing…

…you want to be a better rider.

That’s exactly what Warren Lamperd promises to deliver; helping you hone technique and improve your balance, using years of professional equestrian coaching knowledge and international riding coach experience.

Whether you’re looking for a ‘quick-fix’ individual session or you want to invest in a long-term training and monitoring programme, as a specialist riding coach, Warren can help.

And whether you just want to get from beginner to intermediate or want precise advice on dealing with high pressure championship situations, and how to turn second place into first... As an internationally renowned equestrian coach, he’ll have the right answers.

Based in Hamstead Marhsall, near Newbury, Berkshire, Warren runs regular coaching sessions at:

  • Churchbrook Farm (nr Tadley),
  • Cholderton Equestrian (nr Andover),
  • Bristol,
  • Boomerang,
  • Tweseldown
  • Lyneham Heath

We regularly run cross-country, showjumping clinics and British Eventing coaching, across venues nationwide. Keep checking our Events page and Twitter for updates.

Individual training by appointment. Get in touch to find out more..