“If you want to be the best, it’s great if you can use the best.
Every little advantage helps whatever level you’re at.”

These are some of the products we use and recommend.

Schockemoehle Sports products

We ride in Shockemohle riding wear and have been really impressed by it. Our jodphurs and show shirts  are great and standing around all day coaching in the Tonics short boots and chaps are made a lot easier by these.

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 For Schockemoehle Products and Tonic Shoes try Midado Equine or call 01420 563885.


 Dainese Equestrian Body Protectors 

The Dainese body protector is three layers of interlocking pieces that moulds to your body giving you the freedom to move with great protection.



Mirrors for Training

Mirrors for Training

“Mirrors for Training make an unbelievable difference, helping riders to see instantly where they need to focus their attentions.’

‘Training horses to display their elegance, is a passion “” understand, using strategically placed mirrors in your arena, help you monitor your horses important movements. Installing Mirrors to your Arena offer the rider a clear indication of how well they are riding. Attention to detail is key and quality of movements matter, monitoring these all important movements in mirrors gives a true indication of you and your horses hard work! Not only do they look very professional, they can help you get better results and Improve your accuracy.’

Mirrors for training do exactly what their name suggests. Enabling professionals to perfect their performance.

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