Our Horses

“I don’t have to tell you that every single horse
has its own personality and character.
Come and meet some of the family.”

When it comes to developing strong rider and horse relationships, its all about building a relationship based on mutual trust...

Both Warren & Susanna, recognise that facilitating a horse right from its early years is synonymous with a successful riding career - for both horse and rider. For example, ‘Happy Times’ now ridden by Sam Griffiths at Badminton, Burghley and the 2010 World Championships and ‘Cregwarrior’ ridden by Warren at Blenheim CCI*** and later for Ireland and around Badminton by Jonty Evans, are prime results of the unique Lamperd Method of horse riding coaching at ‘White Hart Stables.’

“All the horses I ride internationally were broken in and produced by us. Here are some of the horses you may meet at White Hart Stables. Susie and I work hard to keep our dream alive of owning our own team of horses and being responsible for their training and development.”